Lucian Marin

Save precious time by using these custom scripts backed by hands-on experience with large volume multi-language publications. Use your computer for what is was built, jump past hundreds of repeated operations, skip thousands of clicks and focus on the design. New to this? No worries, installing and running a script is easy and you can read a quick guide here.


InDesign Javascript:
Document cleanup

Use this every time you get a new InDesign file to clean up all those hidden spaces and line breaks, plus more. Any of the features below can be easily removed by deleting a few lines from the source code. What this will do for you with one click:

  • removes all blank paragraphs at the beginning and the end of stories
  • removes all double spaces
  • removes all leftover spaces before soft returns (forced line breaks)
  • removes all leftover spaces at the end of stories
  • removes all empty text frames
  • removes all unused swatches
  • removes all guides in document
  • removes all hyphenation
  • sets all text frames to auto height

Price: 20 Eur
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InDesign Javascript:
Duplicate EN layer to multiple languages

Use this to quickly duplicate a master text layer, typically in english, to a number of other languages. Make any copies you wish and call them what you need and put them in the right order. No more double clicking each layer name and no more dragging around. How this works:

  • this script assumes you start with 2 layers, one for your common artwork assets (the bottom-most layer) and another one for your master text (top-most layer)
  • running the script by default will make 20 copies of your initial text layer and call them anything you want. The names are grabbed from a list which you can edit yourself via any basic text editor.
  • after running the script, all the layers will be hidden except for the EN and Artwork layers.

Price: 20 Eur
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